Banquet date set to honor 2019 season


March 14th 2020

Here is all the information for the PIRTEK UMSS and Northern Renegades banquet. All are invited to participate including our fans!

WHEN - March 14.

WHERE - Grand Casino Hinkley.

TIMES - Happy Hour - 5 to 6, dinner - 6 to 7, awards to follow.

COST - $27 per adult, $10 for kids 5 to 15, under 5 is free.

ROOMS - Under Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series or UPP0314. The block of rooms will be held until February 22 for $149 per two queen bed room.

FOOD - Appetizers (fruit, vegetable and meat and cheese trays) during Happy Hour, pizza buffet, salad and breadsticks and cake for dessert. A cash bar will be available.

SIGN UP - Send check BEFORE FEBRUARY 28 to P. O. Box 66, Harris, Minnesota 55032. Please specify how many adult and children. Again, BEFORE FEBRUARY 28.

The PIRTEK UMSS will be recognizing the top 5 in season long points and CLS dash points in both programs along with top rookie awards. We will also pass out checks to all traditional teams that made all shows at Rice Lake, Eagle Valley and Menomonie.

The Northern Renegades will also pass out several awards (nothing to do with points) during the evening.

Top 5, PIRTEK UMSS season long points;
TRADITIONAL - Rob Caho Jr, Brad Peterson, Harry Hanson, Jon Lewerer, Jack Berger. Rookie, Ryan Johnson.
WING - Gunner Cummings, Denny Stordahl, Jack Berger, Harry Hanson, Carter Chavalier. Rookie, Jack Berger.

Top 5, CLS Dash series;
TRADITIONAL - Harry Hanson, Brad Peterson, Jack Berger, Al Stettner, Jon Lewerer.
WING - Harry Hanson, Gunner Cummings, Carter Chavalier, Jack Berger, Denny Stordahl.

Make this event a family weekend get-a-way before the season starts.

A quick reminder that the $99 block of rooms for the Northern Renegades and PIRTEK UMSS banquet expires on February 14. After that it is going rate or no room if sold out. Mention UPP0314 when making reservations.

Also, reservations need to be in the PIRTEK UMSS P. O. box by February 28.

Northern Renegade racers we have at least 13 awards to hand out for all of you as well! 

One of them may or may not be “most likely to  yard sale the whole operation on lap one” 

Just kidding but they are all unique and well deserved! Hope to see all of you there! 

12-1-19The Second Annual RENE

The Rene Hughes Tribute Race will once again be at the Hibbing Raceway in 2020!

The 2nd annual Rene Hughes Tribute  race is going to be even bigger than last season!

Rene Hughes  was a man that touched the lives of so many. For the Northern Renegades it was not only through his son, the all star Jori Hughes, but also at the Hope Lodge where he single handedly saved the life of series president and competitor Caley Emerson's mom, Candace Emerson during her bout with brain cancer. 

Rene was brought into the race world on Nov. 18, 1963, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, by the late George “Ab” Smith and the late Irene Elaine Hughes. Rene lived the Renegade spirit his whole life. He was known for the quote "Racing isn’t about how long it takes you to get from the start to the finish, it’s the adventure you have along the way, the people you meet, and the unique moments you share.”   A motto the Renegades have lived by. 

"He is truly missed and it is our honor to host this event annually" stated Renegade Motorsports Vice President Jim Mullen. 

For the second consecutive year "the Rene", as it has become affectionally known by its competitors, will be held at the historic Hibbing Speedway in Hibbing Mn on Saturday June 27th. 

Both the  Traditional and Winged sprint cars of the Northern Renegades and the Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series will go head to head in hopes to win this prestigious event.  

You will see several racers pulling "Double Duty" as they change carbs and add some wings to compete in BOTH sprint divisions!

See Harry Hanson return to the Hibbing Raceway as he competes in Both Sprint Divisions! Can Harry return to the raceways Victory Lane or will Brad Peterson show the local legend how to get around the historic 3/8 mile once again?

"Rocket" Rob Caho Jr the 2019 UMSS points champion will likely flex his muscle not to mention Paul Schultz, who is now a full time sprint car driver, and will surely be a contender in 2020.

Perhaps Jori Hughes will hoist the trophy in honor of his dad.

Whom will it be to grab the second annual RENE?

This is Night three  of the Northern Swing in conjunction with the Upper Midwest Sprintcar Series (UMSS) .

Find out who will Reign Supreme SATURDAY June 27th 2020! 

Races set to start at 6pm with a FULL Compliment of Hibbing's Regular Classes!

See you AT the Races!


11-15-19 Northern Renegades Chaplain Travis Kahlstorf

What is truly important

 Caley Emerson- "On Sunday November 10 it became absolutely clear to me that the most important thing we can do for both the series and todays society is to show everyone that we are not afraid of what we believe in and stand for. For that reason we have asked Travis to become a full time Chaplain / Liaison to help guide the Northern Renegades and the families it represents into the future. He has graciously accepted." 

At minimum we will be covering his expenses, allowing Travis to travel with the series and be available for both prayer and consultation during most, if not all, our events. If any of you have been fortunate enough to meet Travis, you will agree that he over qualified for this role. We are so blessed and proud to have him on our team.  

So far we have been and will continue to be unapologetic in our resolve to run a racing series for the common working family to both enjoy and participate in as well as providing valuable entertainment for our race track partners. Our faith and trust in God needs to be a visible part of our mission. 

Please feel free to email for more information 

We will continue to welcome everyone to our series with open arms. Sincerely we hope that anytime spent with the Northern Renegades, gives you more strength and the support to help make our world a better place.  

Thank you!


Grand Rapids Speedway 5-31-2019

The Renegades make some Noise in the tall pines

Grand Rapids, Mn 5-31-19

The POWRi Lucas Oil Northern Renegades Invaded the Grand Rapids Speedway last night. 

The Big Winner on the night was Jori Hughes as he brought the Big Broom. 

Jori held off a hard Charging Paul Schultz in the heat. Later he held off a late charge from Josh Braford and claimed the Sweep. 

Josh Braford and Hughes sat upon the front row as the feature wheeled through turn four for the green. Braford Jumped out to an early lead with Paul Schultz and Hughes hot on his tail. Lance Solem, making his Sprint Car debut, found himself embroiled with Caley Emerson and Al Stettner. 

Braford held the lead while Schultz and Hughes figured things out behind him. Hughes getting the best of Schultz set his sights on Braford and the Battle was on! 

Meanwhile, Stettner and Emerson cleared Solem and entered the arena poised for battle with Schultz. Solem's debut plans hindered by some mechanical issues, though he would race it out and soldiered on.

Up front though, Hughes took advantage of his smooth style and set Braford firmly into second place. Braford would find himself shuffled back to fifth as Emerson, Stettner, and Schultz joined the bruhaha for the second spot. The quad duked it out like a four-man wrestling match! Slicing, dicing, chopping, and (I believe) even some Julienned laps ensued! 

Braford found his way back to the front of the quad and tried to reel in the 19 of Hughes. He would fall short as Hughes checked out to an insurmountable lead by then. Hughes took the Checkers for the second time this night with Braford, Stettner, Emerson and Schultz the top 5. 

Tyler Wass took an unfortunate tumble in the heat for the only caution of the night. Tyler was okay on the scene and later went to the hospital for some shoulder pain. 

Feature Results 1, Jori Hughes (19) 2, Josh Braford (56) 3, Allen Stettner (38) 4, Caley Emerson (15e) 5, Paul Schultz with Lance Solem and Brian Trembath 

It was a great Night at the Grand Rapids, Minnesota speed mill. 

Endless Thanks to Palmers Tavern, Liquid Nitro Racing, Old World Meats, Camelion Batteries, Reds Racing Supplies, Nitro Lubricants, Keller Fence Company - North, Inc., TCB Speed North, Hibbing Community College CDL, Rivertown Furniture, Renegades on Dirt and Each and Every one of YOU! Thank You all for your support!

Car Owner Rhys Leighton Joins Hughes in Victory Lane.
(photo credit TaylorMae Photography)

Car Owner Rhys Leighton Joins Hughes in Victory Lane.

(photo credit TaylorMae Photography)

Legendary Harry

Cedar Lake's Legendary 100

Congratulations to Northern Renegade Harry Hanson on his Legendary 100 win from 12th!

Paul Schultz had a great run going until contact would ruin his chances for a good finish.

Also we are so thankful to report that Northern Renegade competitor Kevin Lear is fine after this scary crash in turn 1. Chatted with Kevin this morning and he is sore but otherwise in great shape. He will be back next season proving that he was born to race just like his dad, the great Dave Lear! Bright future for this young man ahead.

Finally Congratualtions to NR friend and all around good guy Cody T. Emmans on his first race win! Cody is also a talented young man with a very bright future and we hope to see him at a NR event very soon!

Up next The 1st Annual Chicken Shack Nationals and Jack Spraby Memorial! Details to be released later this week. Sept 29th and 30th will be two nights you wont want to miss!

Thank you to all our friends and sponsors that make the Renegades such a great organization!

POWRi Lucas Oil, Upper Midwest Sprintcar Series (UMSS), Nitro Lubricants, Liquid Nitro Racing, TCB Speed North, Snap Signs, Rivertown Furniture, Camelion Batteries, Keller Fence Company - North, Inc.


Get the broom!

Paul Schultz sweeps the night at Grand Rapids Speedway last Thursday night.

Grand Rapids, MN July 12th 2018
Mother Nature finally showed some mercy on the good folks in Grand Rapids Mn and the thunder in the pines was finally able to be heard. On what turned out to be a gorgeous evening the stage was set for fun night of racing action.
Ken Hron and Paul Schultz took the green representing the front row for the POWRi Northern Renegade Heat Race action, with Troy Gessner, Caley Emerson and Jori Hughes all making a bid for the lead down the front stretch. Emerson would jump to the top and make it 3 wide for the lead coming off of turn 2. Schultz and Emerson would battle back and forth for the next 4 laps. Finally Emerson slowed with a flat RR and Schultz was able to fend off all comers to pick up the win. Ken Rohn was also forced to the sidelines with engine issues.
During intermission the Renegade drivers were very busy giving away both a boys and girls bike, Paul Schultz shirts, UMSS tattoos and even a set of VIP passes to Friday Aug 24 “Traditional Sprint Car Challenge” at Cedar Lake Speedway! (VIP tickets are available through the Renegades at any time but hurry as space is limited!)
Feature action began with Paul Schultz and rookie standout Troy Gessner taking the green from the front row. Schultz appeared to have things well in hand down the back stretch but Gessner wasn’t going to let the sunset on a chance to win his first feature, driving deep into turn 3. As he wheeled to the outside of Schultz and could see the wide open front straightaway ahead of him, Gessner fearlessness was punished as the car spun in turn 4 bringing out the only sprint caution of the night.
On the restart, Hughes, Schultz and Hron battled for several laps for the lead, each driver trying to best the others with bold move after bold move. Each time though at the strip, the 101 of Schultz would squeak out the lead, eventually finding the right combination and inching away from the field to pick up his first Lucas Oil, POWRi Northern Renegade Feature win, followed by Hughes, Hron and coming from the back Gessner.
“Things have been coming together and I knew with all the support from my family that this was only just a matter of time.” Schultz said post race.
Schultz would go on later in the evening to lead almost every lap in the Modified event as well. “One of my favorite things about the sprint car series is that it’s mostly driver. You can’t just buy your wins with expensive equipment or slam your way through the field”
We want to thank our sponsors that make Renegade racing possible- Nitro Lubricants, Snap Signs, TCB Speed North, Liquid Nitro, Camelion Batteries, and Keller Fence Company - North, Inc.

John Schultz Joins Son Paul, Kids Club Member and Renegades President Caley Emerson In Victory Lane

John Schultz Joins Son Paul, Kids Club Member and Renegades President Caley Emerson In Victory Lane 


Bemidji Speedway

Bemidji, Mn. June 10th, 2018

The POWRi Lucas Oil Northern Renegades Non Wing Sprints Pushed out for the Feature with Jori Hughes and Josh Braford on the Front Row. At the drop of the green Hughes Jumped out in front. Braford, relegated to second, had to do battle trying to hold off Caley Emerson. 

Emerson made a move to the inside of Braford taking  over second. Neil Matuska Followed Emerson's lead and Put Braford back to fourth.

Hughes  Never looked back after the green and led Flag to Flag picking up the win for Schultz Racing.  Emerson, Matuska, Braford and Troy Gessner rounded out the field. 

Emerson won the heat Making the Highside Heart Breaker pass on Matuska with one lap to go. Hughes, Braford and Gessner rounding it out.  

Car Owner Paul Schultz stands in victory lane with Kids Club Winner Payton and Driver Jori Hughes

Car Owner Paul Schultz stands in victory lane with Kids Club Winner Payton and Driver Jori Hughes 

Hanson Hauls it in

Hibbing Raceway 5-27-2018

The POWRi Lucas Oil Northern Renegades Non-Wing Sprint Car Series kicked off the 2018 season with a good deal of successes. 

This young series opens it's 2018 season on a very positive note. Having more than Doubled it's contingent of competitors in off the off season. The Northern Renegades have come out of the gate swinging and look forward to a good season. 

Tyler Wass brought his #33 out to compete for his first time ever. Having only previously run his car during Practice sessions Tyler's first night in competition went very well.  

Jori Hughes Made a return to Sprint Cars after and Injured Paul Schultz needed a fill in Driver. It didn't take Jori long to knock the rust off and wheel the 101. we think Jori had Way more fun than he lets on! 

Harry Hanson grabs the nights win and opens the season on a solid note. After a very storied career in the Late Model Division we are very glad to have Harry in a Sprint with the Renegades. His Class and competitive nature male him a threat anytime he's on the track. 

Josh Braford Returned to Racing this season after a 14 year break. Josh didn't even have the motor in the car Thursday evening. Yet Saturday evening there he was spinning laps and having a blast! 

Another Racing Rookie, Jason Surface didn't plan to attend Saturday's racing. A late Night Phone call with Series President and "matchmaker" saw that change. Surface got teamed up with Modified Hot Shoe Ken Hron and let Ken grab the controls. 

A pretty guts move as Surface and Hron had never met before shaking hands at the raceway. 

They had some issues with surfaces car. In what we like to call "Renegades Style" Hron, Surface and John Schultz dug in and started getting to the base of the issues. Before long long they had pushed off and had the hot rod up and ready with the assistance of several of the other renegades.

President Caley Emerson Wheeled his 15e  to a second place finish. The former Late Model Racer says he's "Loving these Sprint Cars". 

The POWRI Lucas Oil Northern Renegades would Like to Send out a HUGE Thanks to everyone at Nitro Lubricants, Liquid Nitro Racing, Snap Signs, TCB Speed North Camelion Batteries and You, The FANS! Without the support of these great folks we are Just a bunch of kids in the sandbox. 

The POWRI Lucas Oil Northern Renegades take to the Grand Rapids Speedway this Thursday, June 1st at 7pm

Then Sunday, June 4th they take on the Proctor Speedway in Proctor, Mn at 6!

See you At the Races!!

Heat Results

Hanson, Hughes, Emerson, Hron, Wass and Braford.

Feature Results

Harry Hanson, Caley Emerson, Jori Hughes, Josh Braford and Tyler Wass

Harry Hanson Parked his Triple XXX Chasis Sprint Car in Victory During the Season Opening event !

Harry Hanson Parked his Triple XXX Chasis Sprint Car in Victory During the Season Opening event !


Season Opens this weekend at the Hibbing Raceway

Tuesday May 22, 2018

POWRi Northern Renegades Set to Kick Off Season in Fitting Manner - By Randy Murray

Saturday May 26th 2018 will mark the official start to the newly formed POWRi Lucas Oil Northern Renegades Non-Wing Sprint Car Series. 

"We started this process with a ton of different ideas, but a single goal in mind." remarked Northern Renegade Vice President Jim Mullen earlier today. "Over the course of time and against all of the adversity that has lead us to this point, we were finally able to put words to that single goal. We are already close to most of our teams and all of this craziness has only brought us closer."

Mullins refers to the Renegades new mission statement. 

"To create an entry point where common people with uncommon values can become united in competition and bound together through experience allowing them to live more enriched lives and rely on one another during desperate times." 

2018 has already been a very eventful year for many of the Renegades teams. 

Top modified competitor and 2nd year sprint racer Paul Schultz is out for at least 30 more days with a fractured rib following a heat race incident, driving a modified a week ago at the Proctor Speedway. 

Last years Legendary 100 2nd place finisher, Caley Emerson's mother was found to have a brain tumor and is recovering at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. Caley is expected to leave the hospital and join us to race on Saturday. 

New racer and NR Rookie of the year hopeful, Troy Gessner, blew his engine last week competing with the UMSS at Cedar Lake Speedway. He hopes to rejoin the Renegades tour in a week or two. 

New racer and NR Rookie of the year hopeful, Jason Surface, is very close but due to demands of his daily life will be unable to make the opener although there are rumors of a mystery driver making an appearance on Surfaces behalf. 

Newly Wed and Former 2 time UMSS Champion, Rob Caho Jr,  was expected to run the full season with the Renegades. Rob is temporarily sidelined while making repairs on his brides SUV. 

A Former Mod 4 Champ is returning to racing after a 14 year absence. Josh Braford is feverishly assembling his engine and is confident he will make it to Hibbing on Saturday. Josh turned some laps at Hibbing Raceways  practice in Emerson's car and looks to be top contender very soon. 

Tyler Wass of Bigfork, also a new racer and Rookie contender. Has practiced at a couple of tracks and will debut his #36 on Saturday. 

Jori Hughes, a former UMSS racer turned pro Snow cross rider, will return Saturday. Piloting the 101 for the injured Schultz. Jori made several starts last season in Paul's backup car and will likely be up front all night.

Doug Talbert, a former sprint car owner and driver, is expected to make his 2018 racing debut Saturday night. 

Finally, last years champion and muti-race winner. Harry Hanson is expected to continue his 2018 season after last weeks strong 2nd place run in Princeton. Harry is the odds on favorite going into the evening as was the case in his many years of late model racing.


"The support we have received from the racing community has been overwhelming" said Emerson about his moms struggle with a cancerous brain tumor. "This has really given me time to think and reassess what is important and how quickly things can change. I think it will be a most fitting start to our season (aside from mom not likely not being there) that we have competitors dealing with real life issues. This is a real life series for regular people with families, jobs and obligations. I hope we never have more then 15 shows in a season."

The Northern Renegades Non-Wing Sprint Car Series has already shown growth in this only its 2nd full time season. With the additional support of POWRi, Lucas Oil, Nitro Lubricants, Snap Signs, Keller Fence Company North, Liquid Nitro Energy Drink, Camelion Batteries and TCB Speed North the series seemed as if it was already maturing into a full time semi - professional promotional giant. 

" I began to think that as well, you know, kind of sub-consciously." Emerson exclaimed Monday night. " I was starting to feel this overwhelming pressure to achieve all of our (long term) goals, this season! I can't begin to express how much I felt like I was letting everyone down when I dropped the ball to take care of my mom. Of course there was no choice, but the outpouring of support from all of the people I have met, my racing family, has been quite simply overwhelming. Paul and I were chatting this morning and it has finally sunk in, we are not professional racers. We are family men and women that are bound by this passion we have for racing. The Northern Renegades was founded on this and we needed to be reminded."

You can follow all the stories behind these "Renegade Racers" both on their websites and in the weekly handout at the race tracks. 

If you are interested in how you too could become a sprint car driver visit .

You can catch the POWRi Northern Renegades Non-Wing Sprint Car Series in action this Saturday May 26, at the Hibbing Raceway!

2017 Highlights

Get a taste of some the action that's happening on our tracks!

Constituents Announce Formation of Sprint Car Council

Sanctioning Bodies, Tracks, Car Owners and Drivers Unite

(Nov. 19, 2018) – In an effort to advance the sport of sprint car racing, constituents from across the country representing sanctioning bodies, tracks, car owners, chassis builders and drivers have announced the formation of a sprint car council.  It is believed to be the first of its kind in the sprint car industry.

The intent and purpose of the council is to improve communication among all constituents in the sprint car industry. The council will work together, focusing on car and track safety initiatives, improving consistency in rules, maintaining costs, enforcing suspensions across all tracks and series, and advancing the holistic improvement of sprint car racing for drivers, team owners, series, tracks and fans.

The council will not act as a governing body. The decision to adjust rules, adapt safety measures, enforce suspensions or otherwise will ultimately be decided at the respective series, track and car owner level.

“Many people in the industry are aware that we had a vision and goal to assemble a council when we met in August during the Knoxville Nationals,” said Tony Stewart, who represents the All Star Circuit of Champions as a series owner. “I am extremely excited about the enthusiasm and participation from our members. This is a great opportunity for all of us to improve sprint car racing for years to come.”

The council will represent individuals from tracks and series representing all geographical areas of the United States. Such individuals will actively participate in sub-councils which will focus on the following disciplines:  track safety, car/chassis safety, aerodynamics and forward-looking rules changes.

“Since 1978, the World of Outlaws has been a leader in sprint car racing, and we are pleased to expand on that role with the sprint car council,” said World of Outlaws CEO Brian Carter. “Going back 10 years with our stakeholders group, the World of Outlaws has strived to bring the industry closer and to strengthen the foundation of sprint car racing while keeping an eye toward the future. We hope through the sprint car council all the parties can learn from each other to continue enhancing the sport we all love.”

The council will meet four times per year, at a minimum, with to-be-determined dates in February, August, November and December. 

Participating members of the council include:  All Star Circuit of Champions, American Sprint Car Series (ASCS), Attica Raceway Park, BAPS Motor Speedway, Barry Jackson (crew chief CJB Motorsports and chassis builder), Daryn Pittman (driver), Empire Super Sprints (ESS), IRA Sprints, Jackson Motorplex, John Darby (consultant), Kevin Nouse (PA 358 Sprints), Knoxville Raceway, Lincoln (PA) Speedway, Mark Chevalier (team owner and engineer), Midwest Open Wheel Association (MOWA), National Sprint League (NSL), Ryan Hand (former crew chief), Paul McMahan (driver), Port Royal Speedway, POWRi, POWRi WAR Sprint Car League, Skagit Speedway,  Upper Midwest Sprint Series (UMSS), United States Auto Club (USAC), WI MSA 360 sprints, World Of Outlaws and Williams Grove Speedway.

"I am very excited to be a part of the Council" Said Northern Renegades President, Caley Emerson. "Fostering and Maintaining a Safe, Fun and Sustainable Future has been the Backbone of the Renegades Series since it's inception." 


Tentative 2019 Schedule Announced

The 2019 Schedule of Events is taking a solid shot at finalization!

Tentative 2019 POWRi Lucas Oil Northern Renegade Schedule

(Things are still booking so keep an eye out for updates)

April 11, 12, 13, Cedar Lake Speedway North/South Challenge Round 1

May 17, Arrive and Drive / Test and Tune Grand Rapids Speedway

May 25, 26, Bemidji Speedway Memorial Day Shootout

May 30, Grand Rapids Speedway

June 20, Grand Rapids Speedway Prelude to the Rene Hughes Memorial

June 21, Gondik Law Speedway  With  UMSS Wing Cars; North/South Challenge Round 2

June 22, Hibbing Raceway  Rene Hughes Memorial with UMSS Wing Cars, N/S Challenge rnd 3

June 23, Proctor Speedway  With UMSS Wing Cars, Kids Toy Drive, North/South Challenge Round 4

June 30, Bemidji Speedway Kids Night, Kids Party under the grandstand before races.

July 5, Cedar Lake Speedway, World of Outlaw Sprint Cars with  UMSS

July 11, Grand Rapids Speedway, Kids Party under the grandstand before races.

July 25, Grand Rapids Speedway, Veterans Appreciation Night

July 27, Cedar Lake Speedway, North / South Challenge Round 5

August 8, Grand Rapids Speedway

August 11, Proctor Speedway, Kids Toy Drive

August 22, Grand Rapids Speedway, 

Fireworks(?) and Kids Party under the grandstand

August 23, 24 Cedar Lake Speedway, Traditional Sprint Car Challenge (featuring 4 series of sprint cars)

August 30, TBA

August 31, TBA

September 1, TBA

September 12,13,14, Cedar Lake Speedway, Legendary 100

September 21,22. Bemidji Speedway Stampede, Party in the Renegade Pits after the races on the 21st!!

Still working on several other dates for the summer and really excited about where else we may be visiting!

Want to get at least $100 a night to race for less investment than a competitive pure stock? Check out our beginners guide at or contact Caley (218) 398-7807

 Don't forget to check out our sister series the Upper Midwest Sprintcar Series (UMSS) to see where else you can catch up with the Renegades when not racing at home!

Remember to Support our Great Sponsors and Thank Them for their Support! POWRi, Lucas Oil, Hibbing Community College CDL, Liquid Nitro Racing, Camelion batteries, Snap Signs, RANDY CAM, Keller Fence Company - North, Inc.

Brandt Brings Home the Bacon

Ashland, WI (June 23, 2018)

Part two of the “Tango on the Tundra” for the Upper Midwest Sprintcar Series/Northern Renegades north-south challenge was settled under chilly but racy conditions at the ABC Raceway in Ashland, Wisconsin, on Saturday. 

2019 Schedule is Finalized

The  2019 Schedule is posted on the Schedule Page

Don't Forget to Listen in on the Renegades on Dirt Podcasts!! The RoD is Available On iTunes, Google Play Music and Spotify! so you can catch all the episodes on your favorite listening devices. 


Mark your Calendars! Another Event Added!

Wed August 14th! During the Itasca County Fair the Northern Renegade Wingless Sprint Cars have been added to the show!

This show is sure to have a packed house as it starts off the biggest week in Itasca County! Followed by more racing action with the mighty Late Models on Thursday and the World Famous Fair Enduro on Friday night! 


The GREAT folks at the Bemidji Speedway have been working diligently on track improvements. In doing so they have added a test and tune to the Memorial Day Weekend show! Saturday May 25th is a practice night leading into the Double Header weekend How AWESOME is that!


THE RENE HUGHES MEMORIAL is fast approching

Are you Ready for The RENE?

Sandwiched between two great events The RENE proves to be the GOLD STAR of the weekend. 

The Weekend Kicks off with a "Tune-Up" at the Grand Rapids Speedway on Thursday June 20th. A prelude to the RENE if you will. The first of Four nights of Great Sprint Car Racing action in the Northland.

Friday June 21st sees the Northern Renegades and the Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series join forces at the Gondik Law Speedway in Superior, Wi. 

The Traditional style and Winged Cars Both Converge on this Upper Wisconsin speeddrome. Bringing their brand of sustainable sprint car racing to the great north. the 4th night of the North/ South Challenge Series between the two factions. See if Caley Emerson can maintain his winning streak in the traditionals. Emerson coming off the "Western Invasion" and two straight feature tallies is up for some tough competition from those Southern guys and gals. 

While the Winged contingent brings in Brad Peterson and his bad fast machine. Harry Hanson looks to roll out the wins as he returns to familiar footing on the superior clay!.

The RENE comes Charging in to the Hibbing Raceway on Saturday June 22nd with a full compliment of Traditional Sprints(wingless). They will set to battle to see if Jori Hughes has what it takes to Grab the Honors. There is a little more bragging rights on this event for the Northern Renegades runners. Emerson, Hughes, Braford, and the Rest of the renegades look to keep the Hughes Trophy on the Mantle. The UMSS folks want to leave the renegades wanting. Can Anna Kouba, Mike Mueller and the rest of the UMSS up stage the renegades?? This is the night to find out! 

Ohh... yeah. We aren't done yet!! 

Proctor Speedway on Sunday june 23rd hosts Hosts the fourth and final night of the Northern Swing. The Renegades and the UMSS will war it out on the Same clayy as the silver 1000. get ready as this will be a no holds barred slobberknocker for sure! Night 6 of the North/ South Challenge and The UMSS Folks think they already have this in the bag! The renegades will be poised and ready to knock them off their collective High Horses. Who is going to reign supreme? 

Find out at the Proctor Speedway! June 23rd 2019 as the weekend wraps up.... See YOU At the Races!